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Protect All the Reputations

When developing software, particularly web applications, you are hardly giving your product to the end user. There’s typically a relationship that looks more like: You -> Business -> Customer Sure, the people you are...

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Code Snippet: Show blog ID in admin header

Just recently I ran into a case where I had to quickly look something up in the database of my WordPress development environment. I typically do this via a program called Sequel Pro, which...

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Don’t Settle for Broken Windows

In one of my posts a while back about my must have books on software development, I listed ‘The Pragmatic Programmer‘ as the 2nd book. Yes, I still recommend it. I still try and...

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Reducing PHPUnit test times with Travis-CI

A few months ago I had proposed that the Easy Digital Downloads project expand our PHP/WordPress version matrix for our Travis-CI builds. The problem we quickly ran into, is that with the existing matrix,...

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Not Everything Is a Nail

Often times, as a developer, I’m asked the question we all dread… Do you have a minute? I have an idea I want to run past you. <insert generic idea with slight twist here>...

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Setup DesktopServer with WordPress Trunk

While at WordCamp San Francisco this weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with the Operations Manager for ServerPress, the group behind the popular DesktopServer application that helps you quickly setup and manage...

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Your IDE sucks

It’s the hot topic all developers talk about. Their tool sets…and why their toolset is better than yours. Why [insert IDE here] is better than [insert another IDE here], and why you need an...


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